Web Packages

Business Card:

Single Page Site Design
Contact Information
Mission Statement
All content stati
create 2 custom email accounts

Web Lite:

up to 5 Tabs/Pages(Home, About, News, etc…)
create up to 5 custom email accounts
administration page

Web Pro:

up to 12 pages with dynamic menu
create up to 10 custom email accounts
administrator section with full control of dynamic content
administration guide
2 months of Quality Assurance

Web Master:

up to 40 pages with dynamic menu
Company Logo Design
Create up to 50 custom email accounts
administrator section with full control of dynamic content
Individual admin accounts for updating site content
administration guide + 1 hour demonstrative training tutorial
3 months of Quality Assurance

General Features

Newsletter download
Static Gallery
Dynamic Links
Mailing List
Audio / Video Integration
Message Board
Dynamic Contact List
Find Us via Google Maps
News and Events Combo
Form / Report

Advanced Features

Newsletter Post
Shopping Cart
Dynamic Gallery with Cooliris 3d viewer
Design enhancements
RSS Feed
Audio / Video Gallery
Opinion Polls
Member login
Members only access
Advanced News
Advanced Events
Interchangeable themes
5 Forms / Reports

There are many more possible features that can be created and designed.
Any ideas for features that you have and would like to see on your site are welcomed and encouraged.
We will then create the custom application and add it to the appropriate list.
*Depending on your needs, All Packages and Prices are Interchangeable and Customizable
*Discount available for Not-for-profit Groups and Community Organizations
*Prices subject to change without notice